About Dinnerware

About The Glass Co.

“Glass Studio is not a glass factory.
It is a boutique factory” 


The-Glass-Co is a dinnerware company; a glass dinnerware company.
The Glass Co owns the trademarks of MyGlassPlateTiger-Glass and Myglassstudio: three solutions for the market of glass dinnerware.

The Glass co has offices in Greece, Singapore, US and Japan supporting the sales of glass dinnerware. The-Glass-Co, is the global market leader in glass dinnerware in the luxury hospitality segment and offers its customers the best-in-class glass dinnerware at prices that are within everyone’s budget. The glassco long standing reliability among all our esteemed customers is proof enough that our customized dinnerware and handmade glass dinnerware are durable and stay beautiful, as good as new, for a long time.

The-Glass-co is managed by the same people who started the Glass Studio venture 15 years ago: Anna and Vasily and its sales team strives for perfection by being committed to our five guiding principles.

  1. Do it, don’t think about it. Do it the first time right. Be a talent. Be passionate.
  2. Play as a team. Share the info. This is the reason why the company and your clients need you.
  3. Know your product. Sell Solutions. Provide experiences.
  4. Make every problem your problem. Be a partner to your client and your team. Go the extra step.
  5. Change the world. Make it “Wow!” Do it Now.   Have fun!

These five principles guide us so that each and every one of our handmade dinnerware created exclusively for each of our clients will be a unique contribution to the entirely global glass dinnerware market.


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