Banquet presentation

Banquet presentation

banquet presentation

An attractive banquet presentation is all about creating an exciting dining experience. It is a fact that a traditional approach towards the banquets often results in a boring and predictable outcome. You know that most of your guests have been to banquets before and they come to your banquet craving for a new experience. Read on to find our tips on how to build a better banquet using the elements of surprise and delight!

2+1 Tips on creating an exciting Banquet Presentation

1. Banquet Food Presentation

Banquet food presentation has to be fresh and exciting. Avoid offering the same old boring “plate of cookies” and create a banquet presentation that will leave a lasting impression on your guests! Choose original banquet dinnerware and banquet food presentation equipment. Make sure your create an incredible banquet presentation that  will surpass all of your guests’ expectations and at the same time, highligh your menu!

Get inspired by some of our banquet dinnerware designs:

Custom wedding banquet dinnerware designed by Glass Studio

wedding banquet dinnerware

Colorful dinnerware for multicolor banqueting presentation project

colorful dinnerware

Banquet plates designed by Glass Studio

Product Code: S1-05-22-CL47

banquet plates

2. Decorations

Generally in hospitality, the idea is to offer an experience that your guests wouldn’t normally have access to.  An experience way more exciting that their everyday lifes. Pay attention to the banquet decorations and create a magical environment with artfull decorative items like banquet centerpieces.

Glass Studio has designed luxurious, handmade banquet decorations that never fail to make an impressions, especially when it comes to our most extravagant items like our banquet centerpieces made with real gold. The best thing about our designs are that they are customizable to suit the rest of the banquet decorations. Choose the glass colors to match the decor or for something really special, ask our design team to design something specific for your event. We are proud to have our items features in the most prestigious galas!

Get inspired by some of our banquet centerpieces:

Banquet centerpiece designed by Glass Studio for Al Faisal Holding with decorative glass leaves with customizable color.

Product Code:  SC-08-63-SR31

banquet centerpiece


Luxurious banquet centerpiece designed by Glass Studio

Product code: S4-F1-58

luxurious centerpiece

Arabesque golden centerpiece designed by Glass Studio.

Product code: S4-F1-51-G000

arabesque golden centerpiece

Lady Susan designed by Glass Studio

lady susan centerpiece

3. The Details

The best way to create a trully memorable event is to give attention to every detail by desiging everything around the specific event. Your guests will be talking about the exceptional details in the space and the food presentation!

Glass Studio offers you the chance to create customized dinnerware for a specific event. Design plates with the initials of the couple that is getting married on them. Create dinnerware that are in the theme of the event, like a movie premiere. When it comes to creativity, sky is the limit and our design team is here to help you create the perfect scenery for your banquet.

Get inspired by some of our projects: 

Custom banquet dinnerware designed by Glass Studio for “Ultimo- A Weekend of Excellence” 2015 dining event hosted by The Venetian and The Palazzo Las Vegas [Read more the project  here]

custom banquet dinnerware

Custom banquet dinnerware designed by Glass Studio for Ultimo 2016 event

custom banquet plate

Custom plate designed by Glass Studio for Game of Thrones event

game of thrones plate

Custom plate designed by Glass Studio for Star Wars event

star wars dinnerware

Wedding banquet layout designed by Glass Studio featuring large wheel

wedding banquet layout

Banqueting buffet layout designed by Glass Studio

banquet buffet layout

Summer banqueting buffet layout designed by Glass Studio

summer banqueting buffet

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