Baroque dinnerware for a luxurious table

Baroque dinnerware for a luxurious table

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How To Use Baroque Dinnerware For A Luxurious Table


…avoiding the overstatement!

Baroque is an artistic style that began around 1600 in Rome. It is characterized by exaggeration, excessive ornamentation and complexity of line.

Baroque dinnerware adds an aristocratic air to a table, showcases a high-end dish and complements a luxurious interior. Since baroque is all about exaggeration, you can hardly go “too much” but on the other hand, this is not the 17th century, is it?

amenity bowl with lid

Amenity bowl with lid

rectangular platter gold rim

Rectangular platter with gold rim


You want the luxurious minus the exaggeration. Here is how to avoid “too much”!

So, when is it too much? For baroque style itself the answer to this question is “it is hardly ever too much”! Nonetheless, the decorative excess of baroque may have been very trendy in the 17th century but for the average modern person the result can look somewhat overblown.

So if you are aiming for the luxurious air of baroque but you don’ t want the hyperbole that goes with it, here is how you can take from baroque what you want and remove the rest: add it to the details! Baroque plates are certainly an important baroque touch to a table and to the whole scenery of an interior. Below are some more tips!

gold glass plates

Gold glass plates

5 ways to a modern baroque table setting

These are some quick tips for adding some baroque style to your table.

  1. Use baroque dinnerware with gold or other rich color decorations, like a floral pattern
  2. Be theatrical and add table accessories like baroque style name tags, cutlery rests, vases, flowers, fruit, still life objects
  3. Use gold generously and combine it with other royal colors like red, dark green, deep blue
  4. Use luxurious textiles and fabrics with big patterns
  5. Pay attention to the lighting, use chandeliers and candles


brown rectangular platters

Brown rectangular platters

Which cuisine to go with?

West fine dining, like french and italian cuisine, go perfectly with a style that intents to flaunt wealth and richness in everything, even in food.

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