Beach dinnerware designs. Give out that exotic flare!

Beach dinnerware designs. Give out that exotic flare!

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Beach dinnerware designs. Give out that exotic flare!

marine dinnerwareOur new beach dinnerware designs were inspired by the ocean.

So here are our three new patterns! A bubbles design, a jellyfish design and a coral formation design.

beach dinnerware

“Bubbles” design on a free from plate in light blue color

Coastal plates of any shape, size and color!

The three beach plate patterns can be printed on any size and shape of plates you like.

For shape we suggest free form plates (shown in the pictures as well) that give out the feeling of the ever-free ocean!

As for colors, you can choose any color of the pallete and even better go with nautical colors like all the shades of blue, from deep blue to turquoise and  coral red and orange plates or tropical colors like fuchsia, banana yellow or orchid purple. They are perfect for tropical plates.

coral dinnerware

Coral formation design on a free form plate in orange color

Tropical interiors or by the sea!

Use coastal plates to enhance a tropical restaurant or hotel room interior,  add a playfull note to a modern interior and for dinnerware that blend perfectly with a by-the-sea scenery.

What kind of food to present?

Fruits, desserts and fusion cuisine would be presented nicely on beach dinnerware.

jellyfish dinnerware
l Jellyfish design on a free form plate in deep blue color

2+1 Tips to add some more coastal vibe to a tabletop:

1. Go natural! Use wood and choose fabrics with natural fibers such as cotton and linen

2. Use accessories reminding of little beach treasures like pebbles, seashells, corals

3. Give some coastal flare decorating with palm plants and tropical flowers, like orchids


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tropical plates

Tropical free form plates





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