Bistro dinnerware choices

Bistro dinnerware choices

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How to choose bistro dinnerware


glass dessert plate


Neutral palette with a pop of color!

Bistro interiors are all about being simple, chic, warm and having character. The guests’ eyes relax on neutral colors and they get intrigued with just a note of lively color details.

So, bistro plates in neutral colors or clear glass with a touch of color is what we suggest for a bistro interior.

For the color details choose green, yellow, fuchsia or a turquoise blue like in the pictures featured in this article.

Make a difference with custom and handmade brasserie plates!

The feeling of uniqueness and intimacy is important for a gastropub interior. Bistros are often small and “secret”, with one of a kind handmade items and often custom-made furniture. To be coordinated with such an ambiance go with custom and handmade bistro dinnerware

Glass Studio makes custom dinnerware designs and handmade glass plates, designed specially to blend with the environment. You can choose among a vast amount of shapes and select the color of the plates according to the color palette of your interior.

oval appetizer trays

Oval appetizer trays in clear glass with light blue details, perfectly blending with the interior design

Highlight your cuisine using a special plate for each course!

Brasserie cuisine is mostly french or italian, with lovely fine dining dishes that deserve an attractive presentation. To give each course the proper presentation use a specialy designed plate for each course like appetizer plates and special escargot plates!

In the following picture you can see a rectangular flat white plate on glass supports with a clear glass a bridge plate and a small light blue bowl used for a chic appetizer presentation.

appetizer plates

Stimulate the desire for what’s to follow with a chic appetizer presentation! Appetizer plates by Glass Studio

bistro plates

bistro plates

appetizer platter

Simple and chic! Clear glass platter by Glass Studio used for appetizer presentation!

Now that you know how to go with dinnerware here are 5 decor ideas for you:

  1.  Planters with ferns and vases of flowers
  2.  Sculpted look wall texture
  3.  Blackboard to write daily menus
  4. Items that remind souvenirs of traveling to Europe
  5. Posters with the Eiffel Tower for a French bistro or the gardens of Villa Garzoni for an Italian interior


To get more dinnerware ideas you are welcome to check out our custom made dinnerware.

Also check out the “how to choose dinnerware for a bistro restaurant” slideshare!

“Mangez bien, riez souvent, aimez beaucoup!”

*Special thanks to Coq au Zen bar- bistro

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