Black and gold dinnerware for Max on One, Jumeirah Frankfurt

Black and gold dinnerware for Max on One, Jumeirah Frankfurt

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Black and gold dinnerware for Max on One, Jumeirah Frankfurt



About Jumeirah Frankfurt

Jumeirah Frankfurt opened in August 2011, as part of the Palais Quartier redevelopment project. The hotel is the first property of Jumeirah’s brand in continental Europe. Jumeirah Frankfurt is located in Frankfurst’s busy Thurn-und-Taxis square close to the financial district and is targeting primarily business travelers. For those traveling for leisure and entertainment, the hotel appeals with its proximity to the MyZeil shopping centre, Old Opera House, and Museum of Modern Art.

The five star hotel speards on 25 floors and offers 218 rooms, a ballroom, conference floor and Jumeriah’s signature Talise Spa.  Hotel’s interior was designed by Peter Silling and Associates and with the aim to create modern, spacious and arty retreat for the guests. Hotel features wood, glass and marble, and interior is dominated by warm colors of walnut, honey and nutmeg. Each room of the hotel also features an original artwork by contemporary German artist Hartwig Ebersbach.

The dining offer of the hotel includes “Max On One” restaurant serving local cuisine, as well as “Ember Lounge and Bar” and “Le Petit Palais” bistro.

Glass Studio closely collaborated with hotel’s opening team to create a wide range of hotel dinnerware from room and spa amenities to restaurant dinnerware. Today we present our restaurant black and gold dinnerware designs for “Max on One”.

Black and gold dinnerware for Max on One

Jumeirah Frankfurt’s signature restaurant “Max on One” was designed with the aim to turn hotel into a destination for gastronomes and to attract modern crowd. The restaurant is lead by Executive Chef Martin Steiner, who brings a modern twist and Austrian influence to the local German cuisine. The emphasis is placed on freshness of local produce, and perfect example of this is the fact that restaurant uses its own honey harvested right on the hotel’s rooftop!

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Max on One decor, Jumeirah Frankfurt

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Table setting at Max on One, Jumeirah Frankfurt

Restaurant’s décor was designed by Japanese designer Takashi Sugimoto  with vision of incorporating several thematic dining areas. Restaurant features an area with a view to the open kitchen where visitors can enjoy informal yet exciting experience of food preparation at Chef’s Table. For more intimate dining there is a private dining area. For informal dining atmosphere there is a lounge section serving light snacks and tapas.

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Gold plate with sections by Glass Studio for Max on One, Jumeirah Frankfurt

Glass Studio worked closely with Executive Chef Martin Steiner to design black and gold dinnerware that accentuates restaurant’s ambiance and compliments the menu.

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Table setting by Glass Studio for Max on One, Jumeirah Frankfurt

Dinnerware design rested on the idea of creating sophisticated and artsy look for the table setting that would complement the modern and artistic décor of the hotel. Designs included show plates, dining plates for signature dishes, dessert plates, and buffet items.

black and gold dinnerware, "show plate",  "gold plate", "black plate"

Show plate by Glass Studio for Max on One, Jumeirah Frankfurt

Following warm palette of the restaurant’s interior and its contemporary flair, our restaurant dinnerware designs revolved around warm colours and soft shapes. Special attention was given to the design of show plates, which included metallic gold and black hues that are interchangeably traced through “Batik” design (black being the base with gold traced on the top). This allowed each plate to be different and unique, much like the paintings featured throughout the hotel.

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Dinnerware designs by Glass Studio for Max on One, Jumeirah Frankfurt

Choice of elegant colours and abstract pattern allowed us to create restaurant dinnerware that not only matches the theme of the venue but also gives modern and artsy accents to the table setting.

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