Blue dinnerware table setting, Belon, Banyan Tree Macau

Blue dinnerware table setting, Belon, Banyan Tree Macau

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Blue dinnerware for Belon, Banyan Tree Macau


About Banyan Tree Macau resort

Opened in May 2011, Banyan Tree Macau is a new gem is Asian hospitality and the first 5-star all-suite resort in Macau to feature full-sized villas with private gardens and swimming pools. Located in Cotai’s entertainment district,  the resort is part of the Galaxy Macau resort and is an epitome of luxury and comfort.  With its award-winning signature spa, impressive dining offer, art gallery,  and world’s largest sky wave pool, Banyan Tree Macau lives up to its tagline as “Sanctuary for the Senses”. The resort’s design is based on the Chinese architecture and style and mixes local traditions with modern furnishings.  All suites feature high ceilings and elaborate Oriental furnishing with red accents.

Alongside more than 50 restaurants integrated in the Galaxy Macau resort, Banyan Tree Macau offers its own dining options with signature Belon Oyster Bar & Grill, Saffron restaurant with international flavors, Banyan Café, Cabana Pool Bar and Banyan Lounge.

Glass Studio worked closely with hotel’s opening team on dinnerware designs that would complement resort’s décor and create unique restaurant table settings.

Blue dinnerware table setting for Belon, Banyan Tree Macau

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Restaurant table setting by Glass Studio for Belon, Banyan Tree Macau

Belon is a unique underwater dining venue specializing in fresh seafood delicacies. Opened in September 8th, 2011, this dining venue is designed to evoke underwater atmosphere and create luxury experience for the guests. Featuring glass stairwell, a waterfall, custom kinetic artwork, restaurant’s décor is complimented by forms resembling waves, shells, jellyfish and other forms of aquatic life. Interior design is based on cold white, silver and blue tones to create the illusion of water and deep seas.

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Table setting with glass silver plates by Glass Studio for Belon, Banyan Tree Macau

Glass Studio designed table setting that reflects the aquatic décor of the restaurant and offers creative designer dinnerware solutions for food presentation. Dinnerware designs centered on cold and refined silver accents, with mosaic patterns for the show plates and minimalistic cobalt blue stripe design for the bread and butter plates.

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Show plate with silver pattern by Glass Studio for Belon, Banyan Tree Macau

This dinnerware design was inspired by restaurant’s massive crystal chandeliers and delicate ornaments. Other restaurant dinnerware by Glass Studio included blue dinnerware pieces with caviar sets, oyster plates and custom-made oyster dishes, champagne buckets, specialty plates, ice cream dishes and soufflé dishes, as well as vase centerpieces and candle votives.

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Bread and butter plate and silver plate by Glass Studio for Belon, Banyan Tree Macau

Glass Studio’s dinnerware designs created luxurious restaurant table setting and were complimented by red accents of the tabletop accessories.

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Silver plates by Glass Studio for Belon, Banyan Tree Macau

Blue dinnerware and silver plates created beautiful background for food presentation and accentuated the freshness of restaurant’s seafood menu.

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