Bread service tips for fine dining

Bread service tips for fine dining

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4+1 Bread Service Tips For Fine Dining


Once a boring addition to a table, bread serice is much more thought trough now.  Super grains, ethnic influencies, gluten-free recipies, seasonal kinds of bread, bread service is a trend itself.

So, here are some tips to bring it properly to the spotlight!

Glass bread basket1. Big bread baskets and bowls

Big and chic!

Especially on a buffet but also whenever there is need for a big amount of bread put on a table, big glass handcrafted bowls serving as bread baskets are a practical and stylish way of bread presentation. Choose among different shapes, colors and sizes. Choose a bright color contrasting with the rest of tableware, like the vivid purple glass bread basket in the picture below or in a set with the rest of the dining set.

big purple glass bowl

Handmade purple glass bowl with handles used as bread basket

2. Breadstick box

Appetizers in a gift box!

Give the luxurious feeling right from the start with a fine bread service presentation!  This custom made gold glass box with lid is a good example how bread service can have an equally fine presentation as all of the courses of a fine dining menu.

breadstick box

Glass breadstick box

glass butter plate4. Cool butter presentation

Bread’ s pair!

Butter is the perfect pair of bread and it definitely deserves an equally cool presentation. Present butter on special small plates, small bowls or use a bread and butter plate.

butter plate

Small gold glass bowl as butter server

butter presentation

Transparent thick glass butter dish presentation plate

bread and butter plate

Bread and butter plate

4. Bread condiments served nicely Variety and imagination!

Except from butter, other bread accompaniments are olives, olive paste and olive oil, spread cheeses, dipping sauces and salsas. With bread dips and spreads one can be very creative cause bread, crackers, bread sticks and pitas are a rather neutral canvas to be paired with any taste! Be creative and present them nicely on compartment plates or small individual bowls.

olive bowls, olive dishes, snack bowls

Glass snack bowls with bread and olive dishes

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