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Bread Tableware

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Bread Baskets & Breadstick Holders


Bread baskets are necessary items in tabletop setup. They are a staple in  tabletop dinnerware and they are  there to welcome guests and create warm and comfortable atmosphere before the start of the meal.

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Bread baskets with handles for serving bread by MyGlassStudio

Bread baskets can make a difference on the tabletop!

For a long time bread tableware was considered to be one of the most boring items in tabletop setting, due to lack of creativity in their design. Nevertheless, as chefs and restaurant managers are frantically searching for new ways to innovate and enrich guest’s dining experience, bread baskets have  recently turned into a small dining phenomenon on their own!

Many restaurants nowadays offer bread baskets with chef’s signature selection of in-house baked breads accompanied with unique spreads and dipping sauces as a  pre-starter of the meal.

"bread serving bowl", "serving bread", "bread bowl", "bread dish"

Bread serving bowl on pedestal as bread basket in fine dining setup by MyGlassStudio

New approach to bread baskets as pre-meal entertainment also demands new outlook on the design of dishes on which breads are served.

While traditional woven bread baskets are still dominating  common restaurant tabletop designs, iron bread baskets, porcelain and glass bread serving dishes are gaining more attention .

Glass bread dishes, bread serving bowls and breadstick holders are designed in innovative shapes and colors to reflect the style of the restaurant decor and provide guests with tasty anticipation of the main courses.


"bread tray", "bread dish", "serving bread", "glass bread tray", "bread slices presentation"

Bread tray for serving bread slices by MyGlassStudio

Choosing the right design!

When choosing bread serving dish for bread presentation, it is best to follow the principles of simplicity and elegance, and not to clutter the tabletop space.

Choose materials that accompany overall dinnerware design and compliment the colors and textures of your tabletop setup. Keep your bread selection small but exciting and original, and play with shapes and flavors of breads.

"bread stick holder", "bread stick holders", "breadstick dish", "serving bread sticks"

Bread stick holder on stand for serving bread sticks

Serve bread in glass bowls, in glass holders or glass boxes to achieve edgy feel an create “wow” effect for your guest. Use our illustrations as inspirational ideas for your bread basket presentation!



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