Brunch set up to stimulate the appetite!

Brunch set up to stimulate the appetite!

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Brunch set up to stimulate the appetite!


hotel breakfast, hotel brunchEvery article that talks about breakfast contains the following cliché: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, we have established that. Now we can move on to something you might have not thought of: How important is a nice brunch set up to enjoy breakfast to the fullest.

Glass Studio breakfast dinnerware does exactly this – it allows you to enjoy your breakfast, to start your day with something that not only will stimulate your appetite, but quite possibly a more positive attitude, too.

Have you ever thought about the origin of the word “breakfast”? Well, we did, and this is what we found: Breakfast is the combination of the words “to break” and “to fast”, as in “to abstain from some types of food, especially for religious purposes”. People were breaking their fast after communion, i.e. in the morning right after going to church. However, back then, people would eat meat, fish, cheese etc. for breakfast, so the meaning of breakfast as we know it today was established somewhere around the mid 13th century.

breakfast set, brunch set

A special brunch set designed by Glass Studio

Special breakfast plates

Things have changed drastically since then, and Glass Studio is creating today all the tableware that is essential to breakfast. Our glass cereal bowls and egg plates are of course the core of our brunch dinnerware, since cereal and eggs are the foods mostly related to traditional breakfast.

Nonetheless, Glass Studio never relied completely on tradition. Manufacturing modern and special dinnerware has been our trademark. Our wide variety of bowls and plates in several sizes and shapes has allowed us to suggest them for a plethora of different purposes. From bread, cookies and biscuits to fruits, and from honey and jams to butter and yoghurt, our glass breakfast plates can be a perfect match to your needs.

Breakfast buffet setups

Glass Studio has great experience in manufacturing breakfast buffet setups.

Our miniature bowls for bread spreads and marmalades and our glass square plates for French toasts are also ideal for buffets that serve breakfast.

breakfast condiments, brunch condiments

Special designs for breakfast condiments like honey, jam, suryp!

And since our company never stops evolving, we have manufactured condiment stands and skewer stands that are the latest trend in breakfast dinnerware, futuristic and over-the-edge, that can transform the first meal of the day into a true dining experience.

No matter how formal or casual your venue is, there are breakfast dinnerware solutions that will match it.

Keep your juice and coffee close, and enjoy your breakfast to the fullest, always on the best quality glass breakfast dinnerware.

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