Buffet dinnerware food presentation, Festiva, Galaxy

Buffet dinnerware food presentation, Festiva, Galaxy

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Tabletop concepts at Festiva, Galaxy Macau


About Galaxy Macau

Galaxy Macau complex opened in May 2011 and is one of the largest casino resorts in Cotai. The $1,9 billion investment features three hotels: Galaxy Hotel, Banyan Tree Macau, and Hotel Okura, and numerous venues for leisure and entertainment.  Along with the impressive casino, resort offers the world’s largest rooftop wave pool with a sand beach, tropical and Japanese gardens, Japanese tea pavilion, shopping street, movie theatre etc, all designed to enrich guest experience.

Following the motto “World class, Asian heart”, resort’s design contains elements of the traditional Southeast Asian architecture paired with contemporary trends.

The resort has a comprehensive dining offer, with 50 restaurants and food outlets. Dining is mainly centered on the Asian cuisine (Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, etc) fused with popular international flavors.

Glass Studio worked with Galaxy’s opening team on designs for food presentation several dining venues. Today we would like to present our tabletop concepts for “Festiva” all-day dining restaurant.

Tabletop concepts at Festiva, Galaxy Macau

Festiva is an all-day dining restaurant at the Galaxy Macau resort, offering  rich selection of international and Asian dishes. Restaurant offers buffet dining with international and Asian flavors and “live cooking theater” as entertainment for guests.

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Food presentation in buffet section – Festiva, Galaxy Macau

Restaurant is created as a multi-level dining venue with several thematic zones to accompany different dining sections and cuisines. The  focal point of the restaurant’s decor is the elaborate metallic flower panel above the open buffet, which is paired with elements in marble, glass, wood and metal that help create appetizing  tabletop concepts.

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Buffet elevation for appetizers by Glass Studio for Festiva, Galaxy Macau

Glass Studio dinnerware designs for Festiva featured  range of buffet dinnerware for elaborate food presentation. Designs included various  buffet elevations, buffet trays, glass serving bowls and platters, and smaller glass dishes as cutlery rests.

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Buffet dinnerware with buffet stands and glass serving bowls by Glass Studio for Festiva, Galaxy Macau

Buffet dinnerware designs centered on orange color, which blended with the warm color palette of the restaurant’s décor. Glass trays and platters for buffet elevations were placed on dark brown metal stands, matching the marble pattern of the buffet counters.

tabletop concepts, "glass bowls", "glass serving bowls", "buffet bowls", "buffet dishes", "sauce bowls", "Glass Studio", "Festiva", "Galaxy Macau"

Glass serving bowls for sauces by Glass Studio for Festiva, Galaxy Macau

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Spoon rests ans cutlery rests by Glass Studio for Festiva, Galaxy Macau

Dinnerware designs centered mainly on soft oval and round shapes so as to make handling of dishes easier, which is very important in fast-pace buffet dining.

As a final result, careful approach to colors, shapes and patterns in designing concepts for food presentation helped create dinnerware  that complemented the dining offer of the restaurant and accentuated the  style of its interior.

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