Buffet display ideas by Glass Studio and Tiger Glass

Buffet display ideas by Glass Studio and Tiger Glass

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Modern buffet display for Moevenpick Al Khobar


How Tiger-Glass created a modern buffet setup for Moevenpick Al Khobar

For many, buffet service is the favorite style of dining – it offers a unique chance to try a colorful spectrum of flavors and take a culinary adventure. The key to a successful buffet service is harmonious and appetizing food presentation that requires an eye for the creative and modern buffet display ideas and skills at maneuvering the arsenal of buffet equipment.

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The challenge comes with the task of designing buffet displays in a modern dining setting, often ruled by minimalism and intolerance to clutter of endless buffet plates, bowls and dishes. The smart solution to creating a captivating yet practical and functional modern buffet display is by using a combination of carefully designed buffet stands and elevations. In this post we share an example of an effectual modern buffet setup for our project for Moevenpick Al Khabar.

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Buffet setup with large wheel-shape buffet stand by MyGlassStudio

For this project we had the task to design solutions for a modern buffet setting that would match the  contemporary decor of the hotel’s all day dining venue  with style and function. To tackle the challenge, our designers combined buffet items from our MyGlassStudio and Tiger Glass brand offering.

Clickman buffet, buffet display, buffet concept, buffet equipment, buffet stand, Tiger Glass

Clickman buffet display by Tiger Glass in black/grey combination

The selection included large wheel-shaped buffet stand, our signature Clickman buffet  system and the playful swirl-like fruit stand. Buffet items featured a combination of black metal  and elements in clear glass. The color combination for the Clickman display featured “amphitheater” shelves in grey color, creating a cool and contemporary presentation.

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Buffet centerpiece for fruit buffet section Glass Studio

The result was a dynamic and functional buffet setup with contemporary flair and endless possibilities for food presentation.



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