Buffet display by Clickman

Buffet display by Clickman

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Clickman – a solution for flexible buffets

Clickman is trademark concept for buffet displays by Tiger Glass. “Clickman” is conceptualized as a universal buffet kit offering unlimited combinations for buffet displays and setups. Created with the values of our Tiger Glass brand, this budget friendly modular buffet system offers numerous solutions for buffet and catering setups and presentations. The  concept of flexible buffet allows grouping, layering, elevating, accenting and organizing food in a buffet setup quickly and easily – exactly what is sought by the global hospitality market (hotels, catering, conventions, banquets etc). Clean, cool and ordered…  “Clickman” is the perfect Food Merchandiser!

The Patent

“Clickman” is designed with our worldwide patented “hook”  and a corresponding “hole” that will enable you to create a miniature buffet display stand which is absolutely versatile – single face, double face or double stacked.

The Kit

“Clickman” kit consists of 3 main elements: display stand + glass plates & bowls + accessories, available in 5 color combinations. One kit can offer unlimited combinations and can be constantly re-arranged to provide different and fresh looks.

The Display Stand

The kit includes 4 display stands that have 77cm length and 44cm height. Each stand has18 holes or notches on each side and can accommodate 36 accessories. When connected with the “connector for doublestacking”, 2 display stands can sit one on top of the other. They are delivered packaged in non-woven bags for scratch protection.

Glass Plates and Bowls

8 types of glass plates and bowls will cover all  miniature display needs, helping  keep buffet display simple, practical and versatile. All items are handmade, dishwasher safe, lead andcadmium free and durable. The kit includes a bowl, a plate, 4 types of miniatures and 2 staircase removable trays – 660 pieces in total.

The Accessories

  • 2 types of staircases
  • 3 types of amphitheater shelves
  • 2 types of bowl & plate holders
  • 1 canape spoon holder
  • 1 food cone holder
  • 1 miniature display box
  • 3 types of miniature holders

315 pieces in total

5 Color Combinations

Clickman is available in one of the following color combinations of metal and glass: black/black, black/grey, black/blue, black/yellow and black/red.

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