Buffet service at Grand Hyatt Muscat Hotel

Buffet service at Grand Hyatt Muscat Hotel

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Buffet service at Grand Hyatt Muscat Hotel



Designing a buffet set up

Buffet service is always an exciting dining concept and a creative outlet for attractive and eclectic food presentation. Today we share with you a very appetizing buffet setup with our glass dinnerware at Grand Hyatt Muscat Hotel in Oman.

appetizer plates, finger food dishes, canape plates, buffet setup

Glass plates and bowls for appetizers and finger food at buffet setup

Grand Hyatt Muscat is a five-star hotel situated on the beaches of Oman’s capital city. The hotel is among the largest and most luxurious properties in Muscat, with lavish interiors and prominent Arabian architecture. Hotel’s dining offer is composed of eight restaurants, bars and lounges, from fine dining venues to casual pubs.

buffet service, buffet setup, buffet presentation

Buffet setup with appetizer platter, salad bowl and finger food dishes

Buffet presentation designed by Glass Studio

Glass Studio worked with hotel’s team on designing glass dinnerware for the hotel’s all day dining venue “Mokha Café”. Besides its wide international culinary offer, the restaurant is known for thematic food nights and special menu with favorite dishes from the Arabic cuisine.

buffet service, appetizer platter, glass platter, appetizer plate, buffet setup

Glass appetizer platter and serving bowls for appetizers and sauce

For the needs of the buffet service of the restaurant, our designers worked on a wide range of glass dinnerware pieces perfect for buffet setup. Our designs featured large glass serving bowls and platters, glass trays, sauce servers and small glass plates and bowls for appetizers and finger food.

buffet service, glass platter, serving platter, glass serving platter, buffet setup

Glass serving platter with cold cuts and glass sauce server

Dinnerware designs for the buffet service included a combination of glass dishes with silver metallic tint on the rims and glass platters and trays in clear glass with subtle abstract pattern in classic black color.

olive dish, glass olive dish, olive bowl, condiment bowls, buffet setup, salad buffet, Glass Studio, Grand Hyatt Muscat

Glass olive dish and stand with condiment bowls

This combination of colors and styles allowed dinnerware to match the lavish interior of the venue while offering endless possibilities for tasteful and quite appetizing buffet presentation.

dessert tray, dessert platter, glass tray, glass serving platter, dessert buffet, Glass Studio, Grand Hyatt Muscat

Glass dessert trays for buffet dessert presentation


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