Casual table setting for Fairmont Abu Dhabi

Casual table setting for Fairmont Abu Dhabi

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Modern hotel dinnerware for Fairmont Bab Al Bahr, Abu Dhabi


When designing hotel tableware, the key is to capture and reflect the style of the property, creating welcoming setting for dining and lounging. We followed this formula when designing modern casual table setting for Fairmont Bab Al Bahr. In our previous post, we presented our restaurant dinnerware  designs for renowned Marco Pierre White Steakhouse. Today, we provide a glimpse into the atmosphere at the “CuiScene” restaurant.

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Buffet stand by Glass Studio for Fairmont Abu Dhabi

“CuiScene” is a very modern, casual, all day dining venue, famous for its rich and versatile buffet offer with dishes varrying from Europe to Asia and Middle East. The restaurant’s decor is based on the soft neutral colors of its wooden elements, with modern decorative pieces in bright fuchsia and sleek geometric shapes of centerpieces. Our designers created a range of restaurant tableware for this venue: from buffet elevations and large serving platters and bowls, to small butter dishes, sauce bowls, decorative items and tabletop accessories.

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Wine stand with glass ice bucket by Glass Studio for Fairmont Abu Dhabi

Following the restaurant’s casual and modern decor, our designers chose a combination of clear and purple glass  and a mix of classic geometric shapes and irregular edges, in order to carry out the contemporary essence of the venue and to match the funky elements of the decorative backdrops.

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Candy bowl by Glass Studio for Fairmont Abu Dhabi

Our  modern hotel dinnerware designs blended well with the theme of the dining venue, accentuating its style, while providing maximum functionality for the needs of the all day dining restaurant.


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