Caviar presentation ideas

Caviar presentation ideas

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Caviar presentation ideas


Caviar presentation: How to serve caviar

Caviar is a symbol of elegance  and prosperity, and is one of the most favorite hors d’oeuvres served around the world. Its delicate texture and unique flavor has conquered the hearts of many epicureans and fine dining enthusiasts. Today caviar is highly appreciated and sought after gourmet  delicacy, and as such dictates several simple but important rules in serving.

Important ground rule to remember when serving caviar is that freshness and simplicity come first. Caviar should always be served just 15 minutes after opening its  original packaging. It is  served in a glass bowl, which is usually placed on a larger platter or dish filled with ice so as to preserve its freshness. Contact with any form of metal must be avoided in order to prevent deterioration of taste.  For this reason, glass is considered the best material for caviar service, and glass caviar bowls, caviar servers, and glass caviar dishes are most commonly used in caviar presentation.  When served on its own, caviar is served directly from the bowl and guests use small mother-of-pearl or glass spoons to consume caviar.

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Caviar set with caviar server and small glass caviar bowls

When it comes to complementary food items for caviar, the golden rule is – keep it simple! Traditional Russian caviar service involves serving caviar with warm Russian blini and creme fraiche, so as to accompany the soft texture of caviar grains.

Alternatively, caviar can be served with lightly toasted premium bread with thin layer of butter as base on which small amount of caviar is placed.  [Remember, in this case caviar should be handled very gently to prevent crushing the grains during service].

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Caviar service with glass sectional plate for caviar presentation

When serving caviar on its own, the best solution is to offer with different types of caviar. Tasting different caviar varieties will be an exciting form of entertainment for guests, who will enjoy comparing  flavors and aromas. In this form of caviar presentation, the best approach is to serve caviar in the order of intensity of taste, starting with mild variations and moving on to more intensive ones, so as to allow guests to appreciate the whole spectrum of caviar varieties.

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Caviar server with vodka shot for caviar presentation

Finally, don’t forget to accompany caviar presentation with drinks. Caviar is is paired with dry alcohol, such as premium vodka, champagne or dry white wine. Keep drinks chilled to enrich the taste of food and overall caviar experience.



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