Champagne flutes on metal pedestal with custom color glass crystal

Champagne flutes on metal pedestal with custom color glass crystal

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Champagne flute design, luxurious and customizable

champagne flutes

With transparent glass crystal and silver color pedestal

Champagne is usually associated with festive events and momentous occasions. Therefore, an upscale champagne presentation is often needed in the hospitality business. Glass Studio designed luxurious champagne flutes so that your guests can enjoy the prestigious bubbles in the most classy way.

champagne glass

With transparent glass crystal and bronze pedestal

Glass Studio champagne glasses have the tall and narrow shape of the traditional champagne flute that preserves carbonation best. Their design features a glass crystal that can be customized in any color of your choice. The champagne flutes are attached to a metal pedestal which you can choose to be either aluminium or bronze.

How to get hold of your customized champagne flutes

If you want your guests to get the most from the champagne experience by serving the sparkling beverage in Glass Studio luxurious, customizable champagne flutes contact us at

You can color match the champagne glasses to the dinnerware and to your interior by selecting a custom color for the glass crystal through a vast range of colors Glass Studio offers! Let our designers propose what would look best according to your venue’s style!

Champagne glass code: SC-07-04

Tip: visit our portfolio page to get inspired by food presentation objects for your champagne food pairings!

champagne flute

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