How to serve feta cheese

Cheese serving with elegance

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How to serve feta cheese


Feta cheese is a must dish in Mediterranean cuisine. Its rich flavor makes it popular amongst the cheese lovers around the world! We love feta cheese so we designed four unique feta cheese plates that elevate the presentation of the ambrosial appetizer! This is how to serve feta cheese using our special dinnerware designs for feta serving along with three delicious ways to serve feta cheese!

  1. Honey, sesame and sunflower seeds

The sweetness of honey and the savory of feta cheese make a magical contrast, making honey and feta the perfect pair! Use organic, Mediterranean honey for the most traditional taste. We suggest thyme honey but there are many interesting variaties to choose from! Sesame and sunflowers seeds will add flavor and complete the dish!

feta cheese serving

Feta cheese presentation on a special compartment dish with 3 inlets for feta condiments!

  1. Cherry tomatoes, olive oil, basil & oregano leafs

What shouts “Mediterranean” more than the above ingredients? The fresher they are, the better the aroma!

cheese plate

Square cheese plate with skewer for cherry tomatoes or olives!

cheese serving tray

A cheese serving tray with inlet for utensils and two round inlets and one rectangular,  in shades of olive green

  1. Olives and pita bread

Minimal and original, this way to serve feta is all about the authentic taste!

feta cheese plate

Rectangular appetizer plate with softly raised rim in transparent glass with black glass drops on it!

Did you like our special dinnerware designs to serve feta cheese?

Here are some more detail pictures of them.  If you want to serve feta cheese not in any typical plate but in special feta dinnerware, contact us at

compartment cheese plate

Dark metallic green compartment plate for cheese presentation Code: S3-S2-11-SR0591



green compartment dish

funky cheese plate

The funkiest of our feta dinnerware designs, a white quare plate with skewer Code:S4-S3-14-NCF422

special cheese plate

cheese serving plate

A cheese serving tray in shades of green, it has an inlet for utensils, two round inlets (diam. 4.5cm) and one rectangular (19x10cm)  Code: S1-F3-77-MCL583584


modern feta plate

A rectangular plate with softly raised rim in transparent glass with black glass drops on it! Such an appetizing cheese presentation! Code:S1-F3-02-GD43

modern cheese plate

Tumbler glass, 3+1 condiments
Gold dinnerware