Chocolate amenity box and other room amenities for The Torch Doha Hotel

Chocolate amenity box and other room amenities for The Torch Doha Hotel

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Chocolate amenity box and other room amenities for The Torch Doha Hotel


About The Torch Hotel, Doha

The Torch building is one of Doha’s most prominent landmarks and a tribute to modern times. With 300 meters height (currently the tallest building in Doha) and 360 degree panoramic view of Qatar’s capital, The Torch is Doha’s epitome of contemporary life.


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This so-called “celebration of earth and sky” was designed in 2006 and served as a focal point during 15th Asian Games.

The Torch is located in the Aspire Zone (Doha’s sports city), and accommodates a luxury hotel with state-of-the-art sporting, leisure and spa facilities. The hotel had a soft-launch in October 2011 and opened its doors to the public, presenting 167 modern rooms and suites, 3 signature restaurants, lounges, business center and numerous leisure facilities. Glass Studio worked with hotel’s opening team in designing hotel dinnerware  that reflect Torch’s unique architectural style and fresh take on luxurious hospitality.

Room amenities for The Torch Tower hotel

As the name suggests, The Torch Tower was originally designed to resemble a giant torch – a symbol of Qatar’s sports heritage. Built in steel, concrete and glass, The Torch represents modern architecture at its best.

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Hotel interior at The Torch Doha

Hotel’s interior is designed to cater to the tastes of modern travellers, who seek retreat in contemporary luxury. Hotel rooms are designed in primarily neutral colours such as white, beige, and brown, with occasional bursts of vibrant red or other 12 colours from the in-room mood lighting systems. The decor features sleek and simple lines and elaborate glass wall panels with Arabic design that add touch of local flair to the luxury interiors.

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Hotel room design at The Torch Doha

Glass Studio‘s designers created room amenities that reflect the style of the hotel and cater to the comfort of its guests. Dinnerware deigns for hotel room amenities included a range of welcome amenities such as glass fruit plates and amenity boxes (as chocolate amenity boxes) for turndown amenities.

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Hotel amenities by Glass Studio for The Torch Hotel Doha

Room amenities were designed in clear glass and feature white stripe pattern that mimics the stripes on room walls created by led mood lights.

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Welcome amenities by Glass Studio for The Torch Hotel Doha

The choice of clear glass and white colour for the pattern allows room amenities to easily blend with room interior, while also accentuating its stylish features. Room amenities were designed in square and rectangular shapes (such as square fruit plates and rectangular amenity boxes), so as to complement the dominant forms in the room decor.

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In-room hotel amenities by Glass Studio for The Torch Doha

Such combination of colour, pattern and shape allowed to create room amenities that are not only complementing  rooms’ interiors, but are also highly functional and deliver “that extra something” sought by guests visiting luxury hotels.


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