Christmas Table Settings

Christmas Table Settings

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3+1 Christmas Table Settings To Impress Your Guests This Holiday Season!

Looking to update your holiday dining table? Get your tabletop in the holiday spirit with Glass Studio Christmas table settings. Our festive dinnerware arrangements will make your tabletop sparkle!

We arranged 3+1 dinnerware sets for you to choose your favorite according to your personal style! What’s more, if you have something specific in mind, you can customize the plates choosing the color and design of your choice and spoil you guests with a gorgeous dining event!

1. Dreamy White Christmas Table Setting

A beautiful holiday christmas table setting in snowy white and jolly red color combination, great for when it’s cold outside!

This holiday dinnerware set concists of:

  • A big round show plate with large horizontal rim. The plate has a dreamy white “cloud” design created by applying white color shades on a clear glass surface. These show plates are handpainted and each one is unique! Code: P1-C1-00-CL42
  • A round clear glass b&b plate with large high conical rim Code:P4-C5-00-X40
  • A round glass napkin holder with attached red glass beads Code: SC-00-02-CY31

For the whole table setting ask for Code: TS1

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holiday table setting

2.Festive Red Christmas Table Setting

Minimal square plates in the traditional Christmas red color for a joyful tabletop! This red Christmas table setting consists of a big square show plate and a matching square side plate!

For the whole table setting ask for Code: TS2

For more info contact us at

christmas table setting

3. Dynamic Design Christmas Table Setting

This trendy christmas table setting will make you stand out from the rest and impress your guests! It concists of:

  • A triangular showplate with metallic silver colored rim Code: S1-04-01-HR23
  • A matching triangular side plate with metallic silver colored rim Code: S2-04-00-HR23
  • A square silver glass napkin holder with inox ring with attached black glass drops on its metallized silver surface Code: SC-00-00-GDHR2343F

For the whole table setting ask for Code: TS3

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christmas tabletop

trendy holiday table setting

4. Luxurious Golden Christmas Table Setting

The most luxurious of all four christmas table settings, this golden holiday dinnerware set will fascinate your guests! It consists of:

  • A free form show plate with metallic golden rim Code: P2-F1-00-HR21
  • A matching free form b&b plate with metallic golden rim Code: P4-F1-00-HR21
  • A round napkin holder with transparent glass beads attached on a clear glass surface Code: SC-00-02-CY40

For the whole table setting ask for Code: TS4

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christmas table settings

holiday tabletop


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