Circular Tea Stand

Circular Tea Stand

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Circular Tea Stand designed by Glass Studio

circular tea stand

circular afternoon tea standWhen it comes to high tea presentation, think about different heights and shapes and make food a fest for the eyes!

This circular tea stand designed by Glass Studio has an attractive geometrical shape that consists ofdifferent sizes of metal circles that create the frame that supports 3 glass shelves.

This medium sized tea stand is desiged to beautifully display small portions and miniature bites in a way that they can be easily accessible from any side of the tea stand so guests can enjoy from them wherever they are sitting.

This circular tea stand that can also be used as a stylish center piece or decoration item, has been loved by the hospitality business for its notable yet practical shape.

Colorwise, it can be customized to match your interior’s color palette. Choose the metal frame color and the glass shelves color and create your own unique color combination that perfectly matches your concept!

Continue reading to see how the circular tea stand is used to display colorfull small bites at Sheraton Jakarta Gandaria City Hotel.

Circular Tea Stand Code: S4-F1-57

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circular tea stand sheraton jakarta

Glass Studio Circular Tea Stand at Sheraton Jakarta Gandaria City Hotel

heraton Jakarta Gandaria City Hotel

Glass Studio Circular Tea Stand at Sheraton Jakarta Gandaria City Hotel

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