Contemporary dinnerware for Rocco Forte Abu Dhabi

Contemporary dinnerware for Rocco Forte Abu Dhabi

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Contemporary restaurant dinnerware for Rocco Forte Abu Dhabi


Contemporary restaurant dinnerware for Rocco Forte Abu Dhabi

Glass Studio worked on contemporary dinnerware designs for two dining venues: buffer restaurant and pan-Asian restaurant.

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Decor at Rouge, Rocco Forte Abu Dhabi

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Chopstick res by Glass Studio for Rouge, Rocco Forte Abu Dhabi












We designed modern and edgy dinnerware pieces for “Rouge” – a pan-Asian dining venue. Tableware designs for this venue were based on the red color that matches the  decor in red and black color palette and sleek minimalist theme.

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Serving bowls by Glass Studio for Rocco Forte Abu Dhabi

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Fruit cups by Glass Studio for Rocco Forte Abu Dhabi








For buffet dining we created dinnerware in transparent glass that fits with the relaxed and understated style of the venue and matches the glass-based decor of the atrium where the restaurant is situated.



Room amenities for Rocco Forte Abu Dhabi

Rocco Forte Abu Dhabi offer 281 rooms and suites, designed with thoughtful selection of rich colors, patterns and materials that pay homage to the the local region, yet give a homely and modern feel at the same time.

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Amenity fruit plate by Glass Studio for Rocco Forte Abu Dhabi

Our designs for room amenities were conceptualized as accent pieces that underline the style of the rooms and add a touch of luxury to the overall guest experience. Room amenity plates were designed in double deep glass technique, where  the granule imprint in bronze color was applied  underneath the surface of the plate to create the bubble-like effect. This added new dimension to the amenity plate and allowed it to stand as a decor piece complimenting the room.

About Rocco Forte Abu Dhabi

Rocco Forte launched its first hotel addition in the Middle East in November 2011 in Abu Dhabi, bringing signature European style and outstanding design to the booming hotel industry in the Emirates. There is nothing ordinary about Rocco Forte Abu Dhabi. The hotel’s 11-story building is a new landmark in the city, with its wavy structure and curved glass facade making a bold architectural statement. The unusual form of the facade is said to represent a sand dune, while blue and green glass panels mirror the colors of the Arabian Gulf.

Rocco Forte claims that the new property is Emirate’s first designer hotel, thanks to the creative guidance by Olga Polizzi, who envisioned Rocco Forte Abu Dhabi as a modern and sophisticated hotel, with European and Middle Eastern influences in decor.

Following our long-standing collaboration with Rocco Forte hotels in Europe, we collaborated with Rocco Forte Abu Dhabi’s opening team in designing contemporary restaurant dinnerware for several dining venues as well as room amenities.

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