Creative dinnerware

Creative dinnerware

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Innovative Dinnerware: Tips For Attracting Attention


Creating innovative food presentation objects is our passion. Deep knowledge turn original ideas into effective products that have the outmost visual impact meeting professional requirements.

Attracting attention

If you are just looking for dishes to put your food in, then this is probably not the right place for you.

For us, and for our customers, a dish, and tableware in general, is a lot more; it is one of the most important details of your venue and a proof of your value.

Dinnerware is a statement

The hospitality business, and any business for that matter, needs vision and innovation. It needs pioneers that think outside the box and try new things. Likewise, we like to create new things and surpass our limitations, especially when designing innovative and contemporary dinnerware.

We know classic designs never get out of fashion, but sometimes you need to play a different game in order to catch the eye of your customers. Here are some tips:

  • Bright colors: Who needs white china, when you can eat in red, turquoise, deep blue and yellow glass plates?
  • Peculiar patterns: Lines, crackled-like surfaces, graphic designs. Leave your customers in awe, course after course.
  • Extravagant shapes: Off-centered round plates and triangle ones. Why not? In the shape of Venetian mirrors? Yes please!
  • Odd combinations: Mix and match colors, shapes and materials, for instance black with silver, curves with angles and glass with metal. Attract attention!

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but extravagance can’t be missed!

No matter how you choose to catch the eye of your customers, Glass Studio‘s creative dinnerware is the answer. Accentuate your food in the best possible way, and make sure to match the tableware to your venue’s interior decoration for a uniform outcome.

It’s been a long time since plates, and dinnerware in general, were nothing more than simple food carriers. Nowadays they are as important as the food or the service you offer.

In Glass Studio, we embrace this notion and we create creative dinnerware, suitable for all our customers who, like us, enjoy vivid and ground-breaking tableware designs.

Try them out and enjoy the attention!

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