Custom dinner plate design for Tree Tops, Anantara Lawana Resort & Spa

Custom dinner plate design for Tree Tops, Anantara Lawana Resort & Spa

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Custom dinner plate design for Tree Tops, Anantara Lawana Resort & Spa


About Anantara Resorts & Spa

Anantara Resorts & Spa is a brand of “laid-back luxury, intuitive service and sense of discovery”. The hotel group focuses on providing the ultimate relaxation experiences in serene and exotic ocean-side locations, paired with the accommodation of understated luxury inspired by natural beauty.

Creating customized dinner plates for Anantara Resorts & Spa

Recently Glass Studio had an opportunity to collaborate for the first time with the Anantara brand, specifically for their Lawana Koh Samui Resort & Spa in Thailand. Our project centered on the tabletop design including a design for custom dinner plates for the hotel’s signature “Tree Tops” restaurant.

As the name suggests, “Tree Tops” offers the unpaired experience of “sky dining”. Positioned among the high tree branches, the restaurant is situated in tall hut-like cottages that overlook the ocean and the resort and its surrounding nature, making it a perfect romantic retreat.

Inspired by the restaurant’s unique atmosphere, our designers worked on creating custom dinner plate designs for the restaurant tabletops. The key tabletop pieces were the show plates and bread and butter plates.

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Custom show plate and bread and butter plate design concept by Glass Studio for Tree Tops restaurant

Taking cues from the restaurant’s simplistic and understated decor, our designers chose pearly white color as the backdrop for the design. The color complemented the sense of serenity of the restaurant’s atmosphere and gave a nice contrast against the wooden tables and black plate mats.

custom dinner plate, show plate, glass show plate

Custom show plate design with logo

The next step in the custom dinner plate design development was the pattern. Our designers chose to incorporate “Japanese tree” pattern design, which perfectly matched the concept of al-fresco dining and coincided with the restaurant’s name. The pattern was incorporated as clear space on the white background of the plates, which allowed for dramatic effect once the plates were placed on the black plate mats. The design of these personalized dishes also incorporated the restaurant’s logo, which gave plates a final stamp of exclusivity.

At the end the plate designs were met with great enthusiasm from the client!  Once again, we managed to create a truly unique tabletop, by creatively fusing the restaurant concept and atmospherics into a plate.

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