Deluxe buffet presentation objects for Baltschug Kempinski Moscow

Deluxe buffet presentation objects for Baltschug Kempinski Moscow
very big buffet fruit bowl

Large buffet bowl for whole fruits presentation Code: f1-c2-11-x40

The newly renovated five-star Hotel Baltschug Kempinski Moscow offers spectacular views of the Kremlin and St Basil’s Cathedral. The property is located across from the Moskva River, and is nearby Moscow’s fascinating sights and premier attractions.

The Baltshug Grill at Baltschung Kempinski offers a lavish continental buffet which is considered to be one of the best in Moscow. For this buffet Glass Studio was called to design buffet presentation objects, including a deluxe oyster buffet bowl and other handmade glass buffet serveware.

Luxurious oyster buffet

deluxe oysters presentation

Luxurious oysters presentation in large glass bowl filled with ice to keep them fresh! Code:  f1-c2-02-x40

For the fancy oysters presentation, Glass Studio dinnerware designer, Yulia, selected a large free form bowl made of thick transparent glass. This oysters buffet bowl is designed so that is reminds of the oysters’ shell shape.

The bowl is filled with ice so the oysters are kept fresh. Because it is transparent, the ice is visible creating a fresh, cool feeling!

To keep the buffet presentation elegant and minimal, all the buffet serveware like the big salad bowls and the large buffet bowls for whole fruits were made in clear glass.

A lavish champagne ice bucket on metal base was part of the buffet serveware collection designed for Baltschug Kempinski. Filled with ice so that it keeps the champagnes chilled and ready to serve, this buffet piece captures guests’ attention as soon as they walk in!

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hotel champagne bucket

A view of the interior. Walking in, the Glass Studio luxurious champagne bucket attracts attention, serving as both a decorative and functhional object Code: S4-07-01-X40

deluxe buffet

Deluxe buffet salad bowls


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