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Designer Dinnerware in Arabesque style

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Arabesque dinnerware designs


Our new elaborate designer dinnerware patterns are inspired by the mysterious air of “One thousand and one nights” tales. We named the two patterns “Thousand nights” and “One night” like the fairytales collection they was inspired by!

The stylish dinnerware look great in luxurious baroque interiors and they are ideal for presenting middle east cuisine and for fine dining table set ups. You can choose tableware with one of the pattern designs or mix and match both patterns for an outstanding table setting!

Our designers can custom design plates of any shape and color with the arabesque dinnerware design to match your restaurant or hotel interior! We suggest having them in the dominant Islamic art colors like gold, dark green and royal blue. If you want a unique arabesque tabletop contact us at

arabesque set up

Black and silver set up featuring the “a thousand” and “one night” arabesque dinnerware designs!


arabic dinnerware

Warm colored boat shaped boat bowl featuring the “thousand nights” pattern Code: S2-F2-05-TNF31

Gold tableware, luxurious indian restaurant dinnerware for Tamarind
Glass Studio minimalist plates for Sushi Club by Sensi, Warsaw