Designer glass plates by Glass Studio and Nana Miyazawa

Designer glass plates by Glass Studio and Nana Miyazawa

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Beautiful glass plates and food presentation with Nana Miyazawa

Recently we received a stream of fresh photos from our colleagues at Glass Studio Japan from their collaboration with Nana Miyazawa and we are very excited to share them on our blog!
Nana Miyazawa is hospitality expert and owner of “C’est Tres Bon” salon. She has a degree in modern French cuisine from “Ferrandi Paris – The French School of Culinary Arts” and a degree from “Il Pleut Sur La Seine” pastry school in Japan. Ms. Nana had training in French, Italian and Californian cuisines and worked as an assistant at the cooking school presided by a restaurant specializing in traditional Japanese “kaiseki” dining. Presently, she is active in delivering cooking classes and courses/seminars in fine dining table presentation and food styling, as well as publishing books on home-made cooking, stylish dining presentations and hospitality.
Nana Miyazawa

Nana Miyazawa

What makes Nana’s vision on fine dining interesting is the fusion of Japanese and Western influences and emphasis on the harmony between the cuisine, the tabletop and the seasons. She is known for beautifully coordinated tabletops and signature formula for creating stylish and fashionable dining setups. From flower arrangements to candle decorations  and dinnerware placement, no detail is too small when creating a full dining experience!
Ms. Miyazawa has a long standing collaboration with Glass Studio and frequently features our tableware designs in her styling seminars as well as cooking events. Today we offer you a glimpse into the world of  Nana Miyazawa, illustrating just some of the numerous stylish food presentations using Glass Studio plates and dishes.
We begin the story with some deliciously looking amuse bouche dishes, served in a colorful assortment of designer glass plates with silver colored surface. According to Ms. Nana, this plate design makes even simple amuse dishes look very stylish.
amuse bouche, amuse dish, canape plate, appetizer plate, glass plate, square plate, gold plate, Glass Studio, Nana Miyazawa

Assorted amuse bouches served on a square silver-colored glass plate by Glass Studio

Main course is served on a square glass dinner plate with subtle floral design. The size and shape of the plate is makes it perfect for the presentation of key dinner courses and is practical for a variety of foods (as the two photos illustrate).
main dish, square plate, dinner plate, glass plate, dining plate, chicken dish, Glass Studio, Nana Miyazawa

Smoked chicken with vegetables served on a square glass dinner plate

main course, meat course, dinner plate, square plate, glass plate, fine dining, glass tableware, Glass Studio, Nana Miyazawa

Main course of meat pate fillo served on a square glass dinner plate














For more casual dining style, Ms. Nana selected a small round glass plate with red flower design. The plate is perfect for serving simple dishes such as club sandwich, but can also be used at breakfast or brunch service.

sandwich plate, glass plate, club sandwich, glass dish, casual dining, dinner plate, Glass Studio, Nana Miyazawa

Sandwich served on a round glass plate for casual dining

For foods that are meant to be shared at the table she suggests our footed glass bowl with irregular edge and design with soft white pattern.

glass bowl, serving bowl, appetizer dish, appetizer plate, gougere, pastry dish, Glass Studio, Nana Miyazawa

Gougère French pastry served in a glass bowl

Alternatively, for more exotic and interesting food presentation, Ms. Nana suggests our design of a glass box with lid. It is ideal for  sharing food at the table such as appetizers, snacks or side dishes. This particular design features our playful “ribbons” pattern.
glass box, box with lid, bread box, appetizer dish, bento box, Glass Studio, Nana Miyazawa

Chinese pickled vegetables served in a glass box with lid

And finally, desserts! Everyone’s favorite chocolate doesn’t need a particularly elaborate serving strategy – just a simple glass plate in a refined silver color and elegant presentation is guaranteed. In the words of Ms. Nana: “This plate makes anything stylish. Only GS could have this design!”

chocolate dessert, chocolate plate, dessert plate, glass plate, dessert dish, cake plate, Glass Studio, Nana Miyazawa

Chocolate dessert served on a silver glass plate – perfect for Valentine’s presentation!

For smaller, bite-sized desserts and cookies, Ms. Nana prefers using our small glass plates in vibrant colors, which according to her help showcase the elegance and glamour of the culinary skills put into every piece.
dessert plate, dessert dish, glass plate, Uiro, rice cake, small plate, Glass Studio, Nana Miyazawa

Uirō Japanese steamed rice cake served on a small square glass dessert plate

With this we conclude our short glimpse into the stylish presentations by Ms. Nana Miyazawa. For more illustrations of dining presentations with Glass Studio plates visit her website and blog!

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