Dinnerware concepts with custom design for a fine dining experience

Dinnerware concepts with custom design for a fine dining experience

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Dinnerware concepts with custom design for a fine dining experience


Tableware designs make a difference!

Fine dining is associated with gourmet food, opulent decor, refined atmosphere, impeccable service and attention to details. This last element of the mix, the little extra things that are not essentially the core of dining but purposeful and thoughtful additions, is what can transform eating out at the restaurant into a true dining experience.

Naturally, tabletop concept plays an important role in creating a unique and memorable experience. After all, this is an “island” where guests spend the essential part of their time at the restaurant. Tabletop is a “scene” where the dining show is played. Nothing should be left to chance. From the fabric of the table cloths, to the colors and patterns of the tableware and originality of table accessories, no detail is too small to miss the opportunity to impress the guests and create a memory.

gold plate, gold dinnerware, golden dish

Gold glass plate with logo designed by Glass Studio

When developing dinnerware concepts, we always take the first cues from the interior and the style of the decor. Matching plate design with the colors of the interior, patterns with the ornaments and shapes with the style is the formula for tableware designs that “communicate” with the venue and bring the concept together.

Taking a step further in building an absolutely unique tabletop concept is the creative process of custom dinnerware concepts. Tailor made designs with custom pattern or embedded logo speak not only of refinement and opulence but are also a hallmark of restaurant’s brand and ethos.

plate design, tableware designs

Custom design of a show plate with restaurant’s logo

When developing custom dinnerware concepts based on the logo, we pay attention to the positioning of the logo on the plate and the interplay of colors on the surface of the “canvas” (plate).  The slightest differences in the placement of the logo or the color contrasts can make a large difference in the character of the plate, from classic and traditional to funky and edgy!

plate design, design concept, plate concept, dinnerware design, designer tableware, custom dinnerware, Glass Studio

show plate, plate design, glass show plate, charger plate, dinnerware design, designer tableware, custom plate design, Glass Studio








plate set, glass plates, plates design, designer dinnerware, dinnerware set, custom dinnerware, fine dinnerware set, Glass Studio

Throughout the process we develop multiple variations of the design in order to arrive to the concept that embodies the essence of the restaurant’s style and aesthetics.

personalized dish, monogrammed dinner plate

Dinnerware set design by Glass Studio with logo on show plate and b&b plate

The final product is the plate that tastefully interprets the story of the venue and captivates guest’s attention, enticing a thrill of the dining experience yet to come. And so a “wow” factor is created!

(For more examples of Glass Studio’s custom dinnerware designs re-visit some of our earlier projects: sushi plates for Izakaya, playful dinnerware for Jazz at Lincoln Center Doha, show plates for Marriott Hotel Riyadh, dessert dish for Kempisnki Bahrain and many more)



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