Dinnerware design for a trendy food presentation

Dinnerware design for a trendy food presentation

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trendy food presentationTrendy food presentations are taking over the internet by storm with diners and foodies sharing and resharing photos on their social media. It is clear that now more than ever, the dining experience has much more to do with the whole aesthetics (food presentation is a large part of it), feelings, memories of the dining experience than just the actual taste. Food is being worshipped like a work of art!

We love this trend! Glass Studio has been always treating food like a gift that deserves a beautiful packaging. In other words, we see our plates as gift boxes for food!

wooden bar stand

Industrial style wooden bar stand for bar food presentation for a bar like nuts, olives dried fruits Code: F1-08-57-CV584

Using natural materials for modern dinnerware design

The modern trend in restaurant and hotel design is all about adding a raw, unfinished or natural feeling to the most thoughtfully designed interiors. This is done by proudly displaying materials that were onced tried to be conceiled, now being displayed in an as much as possible untreated version.

Today’ s post celebrates this industrial design trend proposing minimal style food presentation objects made of natural materials like wood, glass and metal.

Wooden tea stand

Mini high tea stand made of wood, glass and metal parts Code: F1-08-58-OP0111

Industrial style objects are adaptable to various interiors styles. Design enthusiasts who celebrate upscale interiors are incorporating industrial style into their venues by adding it to the details. You don’t have to utterly change the character of your interior. You can combine a true industrial feel with a range of other styles, from the earthy to the polished, according to the interior design of your venue.

Trendy food presentation objects by Glass Studio

Glass Studio has designed a series of trendy food presentation objects made of wood, glass and metal parts in natural colors and minimal style including a mini wooden high tea stand, a wooden bar stand and wooden buffet risers. Our tip is to combine them with neutral colored serveware for a natural feel.

Feel free to contact us at info@myglassstudio.com and one of dinnerware designers will be happy to guide you on how to make the food presentation more fashionably current!

Get inspired by our dinnerware designs, check out our portfolio.

trendy buffet risers

Wood & glass buffet risers for trendy buffet layouts Code: B2-C2-00-X40

Blue and gold dinnerware for a lavish table setting!
Cobalt blue glass plates