Dinnerware for L’Envue restaurant in Paris

Dinnerware for L’Envue restaurant in Paris

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Pastel dinnerware for L’Envue restaurant, Paris


L’Envue is a true gem in the fine dining scene in the City of Lights. Located in the heart of Paris (in the vicinity of the Palace de la Concorde) and sharing the address with the city’s trendy shopping destinations and luxurious hotels, this restaurant has both style and soul.

Envisioned as a place that unifies warm atmosphere with hearty food, L’Envue is charming, trendy and inviting at the same time. L’Envue is known for its chic ambiance, where romantic interior in soft blue, pink, purple and silver colors is matched with modern and sleek tabletops with frosty glass elements.  Although relatively small, the restaurant features main dining area and three additional private dining salons for more intimate gatherings (i.e. Silver Salon, VIP Square and Little Gallery of Mirrors).

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Large appetizer platter with silver rim for serving small appetizer plates and dishes. By Glass Studio for L’Envue

Pastel dinnerware designs by Glass Studio

Glass Studio shared long-term collaboration with restaurant’s team (dating back to its opening in the early 2000’s) in creating pastel dinnerware that accentuates  L’Envue signature style. We created a wide range of custom-made tableware for the restaurant in a variety of colors and patterns to accommodate its eclectic menu and constantly evolving tabletops.

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Fine dining food presentation at L’Envue restaurant. Tableware by Glass Studio

Our creations for L’Envue range from bespoke tabletop designs (with luxury show plates, delicate glass napkin rings and cutlery rests), to dining plates and food presentation solutions created specifically for distinct menu items.

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Appetizer platter with small canape plates by Glass Studio for L’Envue

For instance, we created a series of small appetizer plates, glass bowls and canapé dishes served on larger appetizer platters to accommodate “The Envues” seasonal appetizers and starters.

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Small sectional dish for appetizers by Glass Studio for L’Envue

Tableware designs for “The Salty” main courses featured items such as beautiful square dining plates with colored rims, as well as unique glass cream soup cups that added a note of luxury to the food presentation.

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Pastel square glass plate for fine dining by Glass Studio for L’Envue

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Glass soup cup and dining plate by Glass Studio for L’Envue

For the dessert part of the menu, we created long serving platters and matching glass spoons for the signature “Scale of the desserts” presentation of sweet favorites, along with small glass dessert bowls and plates for ice creams and sweet savory dips.

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Glass dessert platter with small dessert dishes for dessert presentation

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Dessert cups and small dessert bowls for sweet sauce dips by Glass Studio for L’Envue











Our pastel dinnerware designs for L’Envue reflect restaurant’s charm and warmth, and elevate the dining experience to something extraordinary.

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