Dinnerware pieces for Le Gray, Beirut

Dinnerware pieces for Le Gray, Beirut

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Glass Studio for The Westin Mumbai Garden City


Westin Mumbai Garden City Décor

Opened in January 2010, The Westin Mumbai Garden City quickly established itself as “a contemporary oasis” of comfort and elegance in the heart of Mumbai. Hotel is placed in close proximity to the Bombay Exhibition Center and Malad, Andheni and Powai business districts, which makes it an ideal retreat for business travelers. Hotel’s proximity to Oberoi Mall and Bollywood makes it also a good choice for leisure seekers.

Westin Mumbai Garden City offers 269 guest rooms and suites and signature Westin spa and relaxation services, all designed to provide guests with comfort and invigorating environment for work and play. The style of the hotel is contemporary elegance with  focus on comfort and functionality. Hotel’s decor is characterized with sleek style, simple forms and neutral colors with occasional accents of red elements that add modern twist to the interior.

Dining at Western Mumbai Garden City

Hotel offers 5 dining and lounge venues: Eighteen Lounge & Bar, Kangan (Indian restaurant), Prego (Italian dining), Seasonal Tastes (all day dining & buffet), and Splash (casual dining). Glass Studio worked on dinnerware designs for Westin Mumbai Garden City, and created glass dinnerware that blends into hotel’s elegant style and accentuates its contemporary flair.

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Contemporary dinnerware by Glass Studio for Prego, Westin Mumbai Garden City

Glass Studio dinnerware decor for Kangan at Westin Mumbai Garden City

Kangan is located on the 18th floor of Westin Mumbai Garden City, and offers gourmet Indian cuisine with flavors of Peshawar region and notes of Middle East. Kangan is centered on the concept of traditional Indian family dining, and offers tasting platters and an open kitchen which allows guests to peek into the culinary process. The culinary offer stems from traditional dishes such as Jain food items, kebabs and spicy vegetable dishes interpreted in modern way and presented on contemporary dinnerware.

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Red dinnerware by Glass Studio for Kangan restaurant, Westin Mumbai Garden City

Described as “cozy, relaxed and vibrant”, restaurant’s décor features floor-to-ceiling windows that offer stunning view of the city and the interior centers on simple basic forms and warm brown, red and beige colors. Glass Studio was guided by Kangan’s sleek and elegant style to create dinnerware that would accompany the menu and highlight the modern twist of the décor. Dinnerware designs include predominantly red glass dinnerware and contain items such as glass dining plates, soup plates, main course plates, dessert plates and bowls. Designs feature simple round shapes and the accents were placed on the intensity of color rather than patterns. To accommodate the tradition of Indian cuisine, Glass Studio created custom made dinnerware items, such as a sauce stand with small glass bowls for sauces and chutneys to accompany kebab holder with glass base.

Glass Studio dinnerware pieces for Prego at Westin Mumbai Garden City

“Fun, lively and casual”, Prego restaurant aims to create warm and vibrant atmosphere characteristic for Italian trattorias. The restaurant specializes in rustic Italian cuisine with modern twist, and offers range of freshly made pizzas, pastas and refined wines.

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Red glass candle votive as candle holder by Glass Studio for Prego, Westin Mumbai Garden City

Prego’s interior is tuned to the overall style of Westin Mumbai Garden City, and features dark wood and stone elements , an open kitchen and al fresco outdoor dining.

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Table setting with red glass dinnerware by Glass Studio for Prego, Westin Mumbai Garden City

To accompany restaurant’s vibrant and modern style, Glass Studio created tabletop items that accentuate the character of this dining venue. Examples of glass dinnerware for Prego include red glass side dishes and glass candle votives. These contemporary dinnerware items are not only functional, but also reflect modern approach to the tabletop design.

Image source: Starwood Hotels, Westin Hotels & Resorts

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