Fall dinnerware for an inspirational dining experience

Fall dinnerware for an inspirational dining experience

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Get Inspirational | Force Of Attraction Series by Glass Studio

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Get inspirational! Autumn is a season full of emotions. Feast your eyes on the spectacular, stimulating scenery created by nature’s warm golden hues, the dancing falling leaves and the poetic sky. It is time to enrich the dining experience with an artistic air that follows the mood of the era. Set an impelling table with fascinating fall dinnerware, elegant and beautifying. See the plates as adorning items on a table setting that gives birth to a stirring, fall mood.

Fall dinnerware for an inspirational dining experience!

The “inspirational” plate is a round, almost flat plate with an delicate pattern design inspired by patchwork technique of bringing together different designs creating a unique effect in light brown color.

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Force of Attraction Series

“Force of Attraction” Series by Glass Studio will entice you to a completely novel perception of food presentation. Dining becomes a glorious experience praised by all senses. Surrender to the magnetism of exclusive luxury. Let yourself get attracted to handmade dinnerware with distinct personality and style.

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