Fine dining plates for La Grande Maison, Bordeaux

Fine dining plates for La Grande Maison, Bordeaux

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Fine dining plates for La Grande Maison, Bordeaux

fine dining plates

Golden canape double staircase Code: S4-01-02-SR21

At La Grande Maison, an 18th-century mansion tucked away in a surprisingly scruffy backstreet in Bordeaux, in an elegant yet informal setting, Joël Robuchon, the Chef with the most Michelin stars in the world, offers signature fine dining dishes which have earned him his reputation and are loved by customers. Glass Studio designed fine dining plates that mix the innovative, modern and traditional style, just like Robuchon’s delicious cuisine does!

Fine dining plates for gastronomy art

“There is no spa, and no gymnasium,” Bernard Magrez says. “La Grande Maison is all about art, the art of gastronomy, the art of wine”. When  it comes to art of gastronomy, Glass Studio’ s gift boxes for food are the best one can have to present haute cuisine.

fine dessert dish

Golden floral design plate Code: P4-S5-01-HF21

The sophisticated and elegant luxury of La Grande Maison inspired our tabletop designer Yulia to put together a selection of handmade, golden and black colored fine dining plates that delicately mark out the admirable food creations by Joel Robuchon.

long golden platters

Long golden platters for dessert presentation

For the remarkably elaborate fine dining presentation Glass Studio designed a golden double staircase canape plate, small plates with golden floral design, a palatial tree shaped plate stand for three small plates, minimal lux black glass trays and other food presentation objects that are handmade one by one by our skillfull glass artists.

 Glass Studio has been working with the best culinary artists for 20 years now. We appreciate the art of gastronomy and we have deep knowledge of creating glass food presentation objects that are beautiful, practical and durable, fit for the hospitality business.

Fine dining meets perfectionism

fine dining presentation

Toasted quinoa balls with fresh quinoa puree, tomato and basil presented on golden rectangular glass plate with thin conical rim Code: P3-S1-02-SR21

With 28 Michelin stars and the title Meilleur Ouvrier de France (the culinary equivalent of a Nobel prize) to his name, Joel Robuchon is something of a perfectionist and he would never settle for anything less than the best when it comes to his art. Glass Studio has the same philosophy. For us, only the best is good is enough.

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fine dessert presentation

Small three-tier three-shaped stand Code: S4-F1-04-NTK21-B


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