Fruit amenities for Hilton Doha

Fruit amenities for Hilton Doha

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Fruit amenities for Hilton Doha


Designing amenity plates

Last week we introduced to you our  dinnerware designs for “La Sahtaine” restaurant at newly opened Hilton Doha. Today it is turn to reveal our creations for the hotel’s fruit amenities!

The concept behind Hilton Doha’s guest experience is to provide rooms and amenities designed for maximum comfort and convenience. Guest rooms and suites offer stunning views at the Arabian Gulf, paired with a decor in earthy colors of yellow, red, brown and green that create cozy yet sophisticated atmosphere.

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Welcome amenities by Glass Studio for Hilton Doha

Our designs for fruit amenities included items such as fruit plates, dessert trays for chocolates and welcome amenities and a line of amenity plates with cloches. We worked closely with Hilton’s opening team in selecting the right combination of colors and textures to create amenities that would match the style of the rooms.

Following the vision of the hotel’s team, we created amenities with unique combination of matte gold color applied on the surface of clear glass in gray color. This allowed us to adapt to the color scheme of the rooms and add interesting details to the decor.

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Room amenities by Glass Studio for Hilton Doha

The end result was  a line of sophisticated glass dinnerware for fruit amenities that adds a chic yet understated touch of luxury to the room decor, while also being practical for the hotel’s amenity service.

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