Glass dinnerware sets by for Mediterranean dining

Glass dinnerware sets by for Mediterranean dining

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Glass dinnerware sets for a touch of the Mediterranean at Melenos Lindos, Greece


Melenos Lindos is an intimate retreat hidden in the Aegean Sea on the Rhodes island of Greece. The hotel is located on island’s famous Lindos heritage archaeological site and offers a combination of panoramic sea views with a doze of history.

The hotel is conceptualized as a village within village, with multiple small buildings, venues, terraces and gardens blended into the structure and architecture of the existing ancient Lindos site. Described as the “heritage village style”, the design of the retreat is based on the adaptation of the 17th century Lindian architecture, carrying the stylistic influences from the Byzantine, Medieval, Arabic and Ottoman times.

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Large glass dinner plates for salads and main course dishes

To re-create the atmosphere of the ancient Mediterranean city and pay homage to the island’s rich history, the design of the hotel incorporates sandstone and white-washed buildings, stone walls, pebble mosaics, details in hand-made ceramics and carved wood and decorative murals. The combination of  tradition, comfort and serene natural surroundings makes Melenos Lindos a cozy romantic retreat.


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Dessert presentation in glass plates

We collaborated with the hotel over the years on helping create dining setting reflective of the Mediterranean tradition and heritage. The hotel’s dining venue specializes in traditional Greek cuisine, with modernized interpretation of dishes through innovative pairings of ingredients and flavors.

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Salad dish served on a glass dinner plate

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Seafood dish served on a glass dinner plate












The selection of our designs chosen included a range of simple and elegant glass dinnerware, from  large dinner plates for the main course dishes to serving bowls, small bread and butter plates, appetizer plates and large ice buckets.

deep glass plate, glass dinner plate, round glass plate, serving plate, glass serving bowl, large serving bowl, glass plate and bowl, glass dinnerware, Glass Studio, Melenos Lindos Hotel

Deep glass plate and serving bowl for traditional dishes

Our restaurant tableware for Melenos Lindos includes chiefly items in clear glass, with occasional plates with pearly white or yellow accents. Tableware designs chosen by the hotel have predominantly soft shapes that give relaxed yet elegant look to the food presentation.

ice bucket, wine bucket, champagne bucket, glass ice bucket, glass ice bowl, champagne tub, wine cooler bowl, Glass Studio, Melenos Lindos Hotel

Large glass ice bucket for cooling wine and champagne

The frosty glass surfaces intensify the fresh look of the dishes and perfectly reflect the natural light in the al fresco dining setting. The combination of glass dinnerware, traditional surroundings and understated elegance create the ultimate Mediterranean dining experience.

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