Glass dinnerware for Glo Cocktail Bar, Renaissance Doha

Glass dinnerware for Glo Cocktail Bar, Renaissance Doha

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Glass dinnerware for Glo Cocktail Bar, Renaissance Doha


Since its opening in October 2011, Renaissance Doha City Center Hotel launched numerous dining venues as part of the West End Doha leisure complex. West End Doha was conceptualized as an ultimate destination for dining, entertainment and relaxation, offering rich diversity of restaurants, lounges and a spa to the guests of Marriot’s multi-hotel complex.

Glass Studio collaborated with Renaissance’s opening team in designing dinnerware for Ipanema and New York Steakhouse restaurants. Today we present to you glass dinnerware for Glo Cocktail Bar.


Glass Dinnerware for Glo Cocktail Bar

Glo Cocktail Bar was created as the ultimate place for night life leisure and entertainment. The bar was designed as  “smart casual environment” suitable for social and corporate meetings.

"Glo Cocktail Bar", "Renaissance Doha", "West End Doha"

Glo Cocktail Bar, Renaissance Doha

The venue has stylish and sleek décor typical for bars and nightclubs,  featuring colours of deep browns, reds and mysterious purple and electric blue light elements on the walls.

Glo offers wide selection of colourful cocktails prepared by resident mixologists. The luscious drinks are paired with bar food and tapas-like nibbles, created with great attention to wow the visitors.

Glass Studio‘s designers created dinnerware that helps make Glo’s menu stand out from the typical bar food  and creates memorable experience for its visitors. Glass dinnerware designs for Glo included tapas plates, appetizer plates, items for signature dishes and a variety of nut bowls and snack dishes.

glass dinnerware, "snack bowl", "glass snack bowl", "snack dish", "bar food", "Glass Studio", "Glo Cocktail Bar", "Renaissance Doha"

Snack bowl on stand by Glass Studio for Glo Cocktail Bar, Renaissance Doha

Following the stylish ambiance of the venue, the concept of glass dinnerware was  based on eclectic free-form shapes and patterns. For instance, for Glo’s “Smoked Salmon Lollipops” our designers created vase-like lollipop holders on metal stand with bold free-form purple pattern.

glass dinnerware, "serving platter", "glass serving platter", "glass platter", "rectangular platter", "serving dish", "Glass Studio", "Glo Cocktail Bar", "Renaissance Doha"

Rectangular serving platter for mini-burgers by Glass Studio for Glo Cocktail Bar, Renaissance Doha

The “Mini Mo Beef sliders” burgers are presented on rectangular serving platter in white glass with circular pattern, together with small glass sauce dish.

glass dinnerware, "nut dish", "glass but dish", "nut bowl", "snack dish", "Glass Studio", "Glo Cocktail Bar", "Renaissance Doha"

Nut dish with sections by Glass Studio for Glo Cocktail Bar, Renaissance Doha

Typical bar snack – nut mix – is served in a sectional nut dish in vibrant orange colour which glows under the illuminated bar top.

These examples illustrate how creative take on dinnerware design enhances food presentation and creates unique experience for the customers.




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