Glass tableware designs for Gordon Ramsay restaurants

Glass tableware designs for Gordon Ramsay restaurants

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Glass tableware for Gordon Ramsay restaurants in Doha


As a boutique tabletop design company, we take special pride in the tableware designs created in collaboration with famous chefs and culinary masters. Today we would like to share with you snapshots of our glass dinnerware designs for two dining outlets under the brand of one of the world’s most widely known Michelin-star chef and media celebrity – Gordon Ramsay.

Glass dinnerware designs that reflect the concept of the restaurant

Our designers worked closely with the F&B team in selecting glass tableware items for both restaurants. For “Gordon Ramsay”, our designers followed restaurant’s cool, modern and elegant decor dominated by whites, grays and warm neutral tones in a setting reminiscing of an English manor with Middle Eastern details.

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Napkin ring by Glass Studio for fine dining at Gordon Ramsay restaurant in Doha

glass butter dish, butter plate, bread and butter, glass dish, glass plate, glass tableware, table setting, fine dining, Glass Studio, Gordon Ramsay Doha

Glass butter dish for fine dining setup at Gordon Ramsay restaurant at St Regis Doha













Glass plates  for the fine dining was designed in neutral transparent glass with white tabletop accessories to match the refined simplicity of the interior.

Glass tableware for “Opal by Gordon Ramsay” featured more daring designs, such as glass bowls in thick black glass with soft irregular edges, that added a flair of extravagance to the presentation of casual dishes.

serving bowls, glass bowls, glass tableware, restaurant tableware, buffet bowls, Glass Studio, Opal by Gordon Ramsay

Glass serving bowls on stands by Glass Studio for Opal by Gordon Ramsay in Doha

Our glass tableware designs reflected the style and concept of each restaurant, accentuating the differences in their dining styles through subtle choices of colors and shapes of tableware.

About Gordon Ramsay and Opal by Gordon Ramsay in Doha

Marketed as Doha’s first fine dining venue, “Gordon Ramsay” restaurant brings contemporary, understated elegance to Doha’s dining scene, with tylish intimate dining setting and a promise of a refined culinary experience. The menu features Ramsay’s signature dishes such as ravioli of lobster, shellfish and salmon, as well as gourmet dishes created by Michelin-awarded chef de cuisine Gilles Bosquet (who is in charge of both venues).

Its counterpart “Opal by Gordon Ramsay” offers casual dining alternative.  The restaurant is designed to create a relaxed, bistro-style environment with a  focus on the social dining experience. Taking inspiration largely from London’s acclaimed Bread Street Kitchen, the restaurant serves favorites from Western dining cuisines such as marinated chicken wings, fish ceviche, gourmet pizza and burgers.

Opal by Gordon Ramsay, casual restaurant, casual dining, St Regis Doha, dining Doha

Interior at Opal by Gordon Ramsay at St Regis Doha

Gordon Ramsay, fine dining, fine restaurant, St Regis Doha, dining Doha

Interior of Gordon Ramsay restaurant at St. Regis Doha










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