Glass votive candle holders for restaurants

Glass votive candle holders for restaurants

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Glass candle votive design for restaurant dining


In our blog we usually dedicate most posts to glass dinnerware and explain how tableware design can really help set the mood for the dining experience and create memorable impressions. However, details also matter, especially when we talk about tabletop decor. Today, we would like to touch on the topic of table accessories and share a simple, yet effective idea on how to decorate restaurant tabletop.

Tabletop decor can be tricky in the typical restaurant setting, since there is usually little space for accessories and decorative items. As part of our project  for Devonshire, Palm beach Gardens (Florida, US), we created a simple but elegant and stylish solution for the tabletop. We used creative interpretation of a candle votive as the key table accessory.

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Candle votive by Glass Studio for restaurant table decor

Our design featured glass cone-shaped glass votive candle holders on a gold  metal base, with our signature “glass stones” pattern. The rim of the votive was colored in gold and transparent crystal-like glass beads were added to create the multidimensional effect. This single item allowed us to enhance the table setting, while creating  an elegant presentation that is not overbearing or cluttering.

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