Gothic dinnerware for extravagant dining!

Gothic dinnerware for extravagant dining!

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Get Eerie | Force Of Attraction Series by Glass Studio

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Get eerie! Show off your mysterious personality. Give everyday life the surrealistic peculiarity you love, use gothic dinnerware and make dining dark and unearthy with a touch of glamour. An extravagant dining event was never done with conventional food presentations. It needs to have character and style. Your guests will be carried away by your grotesque breeze!

Gothic dinnerware for an extravagant table setting!

The “eerie” plate is a round deep plate with light open curve. It is hand-painted with the batique technique. Black color is applied as a base on the whole surface of the plate and rich red color is applied on top. This creates a unique mixture of the two colors having a free circular movement that is different on each plate, making them one-of-a-kind.

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Force of Attraction Series

“Force of Attraction” Series by Glass Studio will entice you to a completely novel perception of food presentation. Dining becomes a glorious experience praised by all senses. Surrender to the magnetism of exclusive luxury. Let yourself get attracted to handmade dinnerware with distinct personality and style.

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