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“A dinnerware designer must have experience and knowledge of how a restaurant operates.” 

Hotel Dinnerware

Hotel dinnerware is changing. Porcelain (whose lifecycle as a main course plate for the Western civilization started in the 17th century by the factories of the European Monarchs) is losing market share; due to a) globalization which brings «forced» contact between cultures and b) due to modern consumer’s need for differentiation that mass-produced porcelain cannot provide. Glass is the best occupant of the niche that porcelain has left in the hotel chinaware market.

Our company aspires to become the global market leader in the glass hotel chinaware category of hotel equipment for the following reasons.

1. We have Experience in Exports, Logistics and Worldwide Operations.

Our business is global! More than 95% of our annual production is exported and delivered throughout the globe. Without any minimum order, we deliver within 3-4 weeks from the reception of the official purchase order and we can directly deliver through our logistics operators or yours.

2. Experience in Project planning and New Openings

We entered the hotel dinnerware market since our establishment, back in 1992. Since then, we have implemented numerous important hotel dinnerware projects, under strict time frameworks.

3. Experience in Hotel Operations

We work directly with our customers on projects, without intermediaries. Therefore, we have learned to “speak the F&B language” and have gained “F&B knowledge” which help us provide solutions for hotel dinnerware. Furthermore, we are able to gain direct knowledge concerning the functionality of our hotel equipment, as well as the way they are used from experts in their field of hotel chinaware.

4. Experience in Glass Hotel Dinhnerware tecnology

We are the most experienced company with regards to our special field: glass Hotel dinnerware. This gives us the advantage to realize our client’s imagination without compromising the hotel chinaware fact that hotel equipment must be  “Instruments for Professionals” i.e. conform to professional kitchen and hotel equipment requirements.


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