Hotel food amenities for The St. Regis Shenzhen

Hotel food amenities for The St. Regis Shenzhen

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Hotel food amenities for The St. Regis Shenzhen


About St. Regis Shenzhen

St. Regis Shenzhen opened in December 2011, as part of the brand’s grand expansion in Asia. The hotel is located in the Kingkey 100 building and occupies the top 28 floors of the city’s urban 100 floors tall landmark. This makes the new property so far the tallest  hotel under St. Regis brand. The new hotel offers 257 guest rooms and 40 suites, and features five world class restaurants and lounges, Iridium Spa and proximity to some of the city’s key locations in Caiwuwei financial district.

Hotel room amenities for St. Regis Shenzhen

St. Regis hotels have a long-term partnership with Glass Studio, which allowed us to custom-develop custom design amenities program on brand’s corporate level. Designs of room amenities for the suites at St. Regis Shenzhen hotel are a part of this program, and reflect brand’s heritage and take on luxury in hospitality.

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VIP amenities by Glass Studio for St.Regis hotels

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Dessert stands by Glass Studio for St Regis amenities program

Items included in the program are small dessert stands, dessert bowls on stand, amenity boxes and champagne bucket. Amenities are designed in the colors of metallic gold and liquorice black, which reflect the luxurious and elegant style of the hotel’s brand.

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Amenity plate on stand by Glass Studio for St. Regis Shenzhen

To achieve  sophisticated and interesting design, we integrated St. Regis’ brand logo within our Amorino and Venetian net-like designs, which give dessert stands and bowls additional dimension.

The design of the amenity box features a custom-developed ribbon print on the glass lid, which complements the sweet contents such as chocolates and petit fours.

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Custom-made chocolate amenity box by Glass Studio for St. Regis

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Amenity box for chocolates and petit fours by Glass Studio for St. Regis Shenzhen

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