Luxurious Ice Cream Presentation

Luxurious Ice Cream Presentation

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Luxurious Ice Cream Presentation!

ice-cream-cone-holderTurn a standard ice cream serve into a delectable dessert to behold by employing a luxurious ice cream presentation! Whether you want to serve ice cream in a cone or with fruit, the luxurious ice cream dinnerware designed by Glass Studio is a creative way to present ice cream that goes above and beyond the bowl!

Get inspired by our ice cream presentation ideas and serve the most sophisticated scoop of ice cream you have ever served!

  1. Inclined Ice Cream Plate

This handmade glass inclined square plate will surely wow your guests because of its unexpected shape and elegant design details. It has an attached spoon holder and a delicate pattern design!

Code: S1-S2-08-FS421




2. Luxurious Ice Cream Bowl

Create an extravagant ice cream presentation with this small bowl on a metal base!

Code: S4-00-26-FS333-A


3. Ice Cream Cone Holder

The perfect way to serve ice cream cones! A handmade glass bridge plate for seven ice cream cones.

Code: S4-01-32-GD336F


4. Beautiful Handmade Glass Ice Cream Bowls In Various Shapes


Small Ice Cream Bowl Code: B1-C2-07-MF56421


Oval Ice Cream Bowl Code: B2-F2-03-MF42113


Leaf Shaped Ice Cream Bowl Code: B2-F1-02-BLT421


Small Round Ice Cream Bowl With Large Rim Code: B3-01-09-FS13


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