3+1 Tips for a fine Indian food presentation!

3+1 Tips for a fine Indian food presentation!

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3+1 Tips for a fine Indian food presentation!


indian table setting, indian tableware

Indian table setting designed by Glass Studio

A fine Indian food presentation is an important part of Indian cooking. Without a doubt a great looking tabletop presentation is a compliment to the diner as well as a compliment to the food. Make an indian tabletop look special and unique showing off your character with a contemporary food presentation that still keeps pace with the traditional feel of indian cooking!

1. Traditional food with contemporary presentation

Keep an eye on contemporary design. Indian cuisine features a vast variety of sauces and coulis! Follow tha tradition but give some modern edge to the tabletop with special food presentation designs. Glass condiment caddy for sauces and coulis in Indian dining with dipping glass dishes and glass sauce and coulis dishes

2. Use colorful tableware!

India is known as the country of colors! Vibrant yellows, deep reds, oranges, blues, each color has a place in an indian table setting. Choose dinnerware in a variety of vivid colors to correspond to the colorful indian tradition.

3. What’s always present should not go unnoticed

Yogurt, dahl, rice are always present on an indian tabletop. Give what’ s expected an unexpected appearance with a special presentation. Use special bowls and comparment plates to present them.

Condiment sauce holder for Indian dining

sauces presentation tableware, sauces stand

4. Spice up the spices presentation

Spices are the heart and soul of indian cuisine. They are used to lift up the flavor and give that distinctive taste to indian food. A special presence in taste should be represented by a special place on the tabletop or buffet.

spice bowls

Spice bowls arrangement designed by Glass Studio

spice stand

Spices stand designed by Glass Studio

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