Leaf Shaped Dessert Stand

Leaf Shaped Dessert Stand

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Leaf Shaped Dessert Stand Inspired By The Beauty Of Nature!

leaf shaped dessert standsThe beauty of nature plays a vital role in our creative expression! With our deep knowledge in creating food presentation objects, we turn this divine inspiration into designs that are not just aesthetically pleasing but are also practical and innovative. This is how this impressive, elegant leaf shaped tea stand was created.

The stand’s eight leaf shaped glass plates  are removable and can come in any custom color to match the venue interior! We love toned-down natural tones of green and blue but it also looks great in bold, statement colors. The leaf shaped plates are attached on three curved metal branches and the stand also has a handle.

Stand Code: S4-F1-63

leaf shaped tea stand

Leaf Shaped Dessert Stand Custom Designed For Ritz-Carlton Macau

ritz carlton macau standOur dinnerware designer, Milica, worked closely with Ritz-Carlton Macau team to create a tea stand that would wow their guests! The leaf shaped dessert stand was custom designed in shiny golden metal and plates feature a luxurious golden colored abstract pattern.

The result was breathtaking. Guests having tea at Ritz-Carlton Macau tend to photograph the stand and upload it on their social media with comments full of excitement!

leaf shaped dessert stand custom designed for ritz carlton macau stand for ritz carlton macau


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