Macarons Presentation

Macarons Presentation

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Trendy Colorful Macarons Presentation!

macaron presentation

Code: S3-S2-09-MCL571422

There is no denying that macarons are a very popular dessert! Nothing makes delicious macarons more adorable than a charming macarons presentation. After all, this “trendy” delicacy needs “trendy” food styling! The cute little sweet creations come in an infinite variety of flavors, inspiring one to get really creative when arranging a macarons presention!

Macaron plates codes:

Macaron-pop holder with 4 holes based on a limestone Code: S4-04-05-SR0411

Flat rectangular macaron-pop stand with three 4mm holes Code: S4-01-03-OP42

Rectangular macaron plate with two small rectangular inlets Code: S3-S2-09-MCL571422

Square lollipop or macaron-pop vase Code: F1-02-34-SR334

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macarons presentation

lollipop vase

Code: F1-02-34-SR334

Trendy & Colorful Macarons Presentation

Glass Studio created a modern, delightful macaron presentation with stylish, colorful macarons plates and plates for macaron-pops! Customizable to any color of your choice, these macaron plates together with the beautifully colored sweets will bringe a smile to anyone, making macarons the perfect treat!

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