Glass Studio minimalist plates for Sushi Club by Sensi, Warsaw

Glass Studio minimalist plates for Sushi Club by Sensi, Warsaw

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Minimalist plates for Sushi Club by Sensi, Warsaw



When designing dinnerware for a sushi restaurant it is important to keep in mind that sometimes less…is more.   Everyone’s favorite Japanese dish is already an extravagant mix of colors and textures,  so sometimes all that is needed is to accentuate the freshness and flavors of sushi rolls. Keeping it simple might do the trick, and minimalist plates are an essential element of this attitude.

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Sushi presentation on glass sushi plate by Glass Studio

This was our approach when designing sushi plates for Warsaw’s favorite sushi joint – Sushi Club by Sensi.  “Sensi Sushi” is a network of sushi bars in Warsaw, which focuses on creating fresh sushi rolls in wide variety of flavors and ingredients. Following the restaurant’s  focus on freshness and food composition, our designers created dinnerware that brings sushi delicacies into the spotlight.

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Sushi platter for Japanese sushi by Glass Studio

Our designs of sushi plates were based on the concept of a pure and clean tabletop, so minimalist plates seemed as the most appropriate solution. We used clear glass as a backdrop for sushi presentation, which allows the food to truly stand out and dazzle the sushi-lovers with its colors and textures.

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Glass dipping bowls for sauces and dips by Tiger Glass

We combined several plate designs from our Tiger Glass and MyGlassStudio lines in order to accommodate our customer with a variety of styles of sushi servings (i.e. sectional plates with compartments for sauces and dips, plates with wide rims etc).

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Compartment plate with sections for sauces by Tiger Glass

We paired the glass sushi plates with small sauce bowls and dipping dishes, which is absolutely inevitable when setting a table for Japanese dining. Sauce bowls and dipping dishes were also designed in clear glass so as to match the sushi plates.

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Glass side bowl for salads and side dishes by Glass Studio

"glass bowl with lid", "glass bowl", "serving bowl", "soup bowl", "sauce bowl", "Glass Studio"

Glass bowl with lid by Glass Studio









Designs of sushi plates for Sushi Club by Sensi demonstrate our sensibility to functionality and the ability to accentuate food presentation even with the most minimalist plates and simplest dinnerware in general.

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