Mobile buffet stations, packing and storing

Mobile buffet stations, packing and storing

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How to package and store Clickman buffet system

Clickman mobile buffet stations are designed with stewarding in mind. In this video we share with you our recommendations on how to package and store your Clickman mobile buffet system and its components to ensure correct maintenance and care.


Quick tips for packaging, storing and mobility of Clickman mobile buffet system:

  1. To maintain Clickman support units well, always handle them in provided non-woven bags designed specifically for Clickman’s buffet units.
  2. Use Clickman toolbox bag with specifically designed compartments to keep the components of the system in an organized way. This will facilitate your moving them around and will help streamline the buffet set up process.
  3. When preparing the components for storage, flatten the hinges so as to occupy the minimal possible space.
  4. For storing bigger buffet setups (over 6m long), use Clickman buffet trolleys with specifically designed compartments, cupboards and drawers for neat organization and storage of all components and buffet accessories. This saves space in your storage room, removing the need for extra shelving. The trolley also allows buffet setup to be easily moved around, making it ideal for catering service.

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