Modern High Tea Stand That Spins Around & Excites!

Modern High Tea Stand That Spins Around & Excites!

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Exciting Modern High Tea Stand That Spins Around!

modern high tea

modern high tea standGet ready to spin around with our brand new revolving cubical tea stand! This modern high tea stand was designed to satisfy the most trend-conscious guest. The stylish tea stand design features 3 levels and 15 cubes, offering multilevel, 360° food presentation!

Inspired by Rubic’s Cube, its playful and fun look is customizable in many different colors! Both the metal frame and the glass tiles that go in the cubes can be selected in a number of colors. Get creative customizing its appearance changing around the colorful tiles or putting together a unique color combination of metal & tiles!

contemporary-high-tea-standThis modern high tea stand will become the epicenter of your tea service presentation making afternoon tea at your venue an exciting experience for your guests! Imagine your guests spinning the colorful high tea stand and picking the delicacy that caught their eye! Everyone will be talking about the unique afternoon tea experience at your venue!

This modern high tea stand looks great in a trendy interior. Due to its artful and impressive appearance, it can also add a groovy touch in a plain interior! Designed with playfulness in mind but with deep understanding of practicality together with our experience of 20 years in the hospitality business, this modern high tea stand will surely satisfy the highest expectations of hospitality professionals.

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