Modern Lazy Susan

Modern Lazy Susan

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New State-Of-The-Art Lazy Susan!

modern lazy susanThe rotating table that circled the globe…!

Lazy Susan has been with us for ages. The Washington Post described a 1963 Chinese New Year celebration by highlighting crispy duck, and the Lazy Susan. Now it’s time to take a spin on your banquets & restaurant with a new ultra modern and state-of-the-art design!

Flower Petal Lazy Susan

This new flower petal design consists of 12 detachable glass petals that fit around a metal rotating base. You can adjust the diameter of your Lazy Susan according to your needs: from 75 cm to 90 cm to 100 cm and up to the stunning 123 cm. Just switch the petals to the appropriate length, while keeping the same mechanism for all sizes. You can also mix it up by using glass petals of various lengths, creating a unique rotating table.

Designed for both front and back of the house, the Lazy Susan will not only thrill your guests, but it will also help your stewarding manager, since, due to its detachable petals, it is easy to store, clean and move around.

Choose from:

The Slick Sophisticated Silver Lazy Susan

The slick and sophisticated Silver Lazy Susan (123 cm) with mixed up petals, is a great centerpiece for a modern yet minimal banqueting table!

contemporary lazy susan

The Classic Chinese Red Lazy Susan

Our 90 cm diameter Chinese Red Lazy Susan will look great on your unique Chinese restaurant concept.

red lazy susan

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