My Glass Plate is a no frills brand that distributes Fresh, Strong, Sexy glass plates with prices under 10euros.

My Glass Plate: Our Business Idea

To make good quality, durable and sexy glassplates at a low price, we needed to develop methods that are both cost-efficient and innovative.

MyGlassPlate’s basic philosophy is that low prices make design, available for everyone. Putting to work the technological know-how and knowledge on production logistics, we have created a collection that is

Fresh, Strong, Sexy and always Under 10€.



Product Range

To keep costs low enough, we have created a limited collection of products, which is cost saving in transport and production logistics. It’s a “no frills” concept but has a uniqueness that is unmatchable by any other company especially in glass…keeping the tradition of Glass Studio alive and kicking…

But, we do not cut down on quality specifications. The product is as sturdy as any Glass Studio product. The way we have chosen to keep costs low, is purely through technological advances and innovation (we redesigned the tooling of the factory) together with production logistics that focus mainly on productivity rather than flexibility or variety.

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